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The Changineers are transforming the education sector by bridging technology, behavioural change and psychology with learning styles and teaching pedagogy to improve human connection and knowledge transfer.

Imagine a world which bridges the gaps between the education sector, technology, behavioural change and psychology, learning styles and teaching pedagody to improve human connection and knowledge transfer.

The Changineers achieve this through the creation of evidence-based learning resources and mechanisms, specific to and appropriate for every stage of an educator’s or student’s journey. Their ultimate goal is to promote the enablement, empowerment and embracing of knowledge.

Join us on this journey to improve education, both in its delivery and the way it is consumed.


We create the building blocks for benchmarked education practices, utilising validated academic research. We combine the arts and knowledge, with science and technology to improve the way organisations and institutions create learning resources and educate people. By doing so, we enable students to learn in an effective, engaged, positive and organic manner. Bespoke tools are built which offer subject matter experts the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with others in a connected environment beyond traditional capabilities.

Collaboration: Designing solutions with educators and experts, not for them.

We understand the complexities of numerous environments, and work collaboratively and directly to analyse, assess and develop the right solution for every user, which includes the educator and their students.

Experiential: Growing emotionally and intellectually.

We enable the student to change their perspective on a subject, by providing engaging and empowering tools which facilitate a more complex awareness and deeper understanding and integration of the subject matter being taught. Core to the design and development of a solution, is the fostering of critical thinking and reflective processes, allowing the student a broader appreciation and understanding of the subject.

Our Core Competencies

Behavioural Change 001.
Psychology 002.
Technical architecture 003.
Assessment & Evaluation 004.
UX Design 005.
Educational Pedagogy 006.
Renee Lim

If you could only use one word to describe Renee what would it be: Doctor? Artist? Educator? Choreographer? Humanitarian? Good luck choosing just one as she is all the above. Whether Renee is attending to her patients in hospital, playing another human being on screen, or teaching health professionals and businesses how to engage and connect, she approaches her work with dedication, determination, empathy and integrity. Her ability to understand and implement processes and operations across the health and education sectors is a unique skillset due to the complexities involved. Let her loose and watch her transform your organisation from the inside out!

Dr. Renee Lim - Humans

James Gregory

Some might liken James to a Melbourne Hipster, others to Ned Kelly, but what really lies beneath this whiskey connoisseur, dog loving, tech evangelist? To start with, James is a technology leader with experience in front-end design, API development, cloud infrastructure, security, and data engineering. He specialises in leading technology teams by developing secure, modern, and innovative technology solutions to solve both business and societal problems. It’s been said that James can learn absolutely anything and magically turns spaghetti code into global autonomous systems. His patience, steadfastness and ability to answer “ungoogleable” coding questions lends himself to be a brilliant mentor for those with inquisitive minds. State your need, and James will create a masterpiece!

James Gregory - Computers

Sonya Corcoran

Q: What do you get when you cross the Captain of the Australian Roller Derby Team with an academic transcript boasting 1st Class Honours BSc. in Psychology applied to IT, and a career in Educational Design? A: The wonderfully effervescent Sonya Corcoran! Sonya is on a mission to advance humanity through the power of software and education, and prides herself on having a gritty, growth mindset. Above all, she is a passionate educational designer turned coder who believes in designing “with” and not “for” to achieve positive, authentic change. You just know that something incredible will be developed with this leading lady at the helm.

Sonya Corcoran - Humans & Computers


As The Changineers, we complement each other through our combined education and industry experience. It is our united passion and belief that every individual should be offered the opportunity to instigate change through education, by leveraging effective and engaging learning materials. This is achieved through various methodologies and channels:


Experts working with experts. We are the experts in developing bespoke learning process, and work collaboratively with Subject Matter Experts to create a powerful outcome in the symbiosis of our combined skills. This partnership results in seamless facilitation of their knowledge and skills to their students.

Knowledge base:

Pay it forward. Fostering the passing on, and sharing of knowledge and skills from teacher to student using innovative, user-friendly and agile technologies. We research and develop the best methods to share knowledge and create conversations rather than transactions. Societies and individuals are always learning from each other, our ability to understand what the subject matter expert is trying to achieve ensures the correct interpretation and translation of this knowledge to others who are new to the information.


Established partnerships with key organisations. As and when required, we bring in the right partner organisations to assist with the design and development of key areas within a solution, depending on the size and scope of the project. Our broad network provides clients with additional resources within the following specialisations:

Educational Pedagogy, Curriculum Design, Instructional Design and Experiences, Psychology, Communication and Engagement, Research and Academia, Medicine, Health and Wellbeing, Design Thinking, Technology and Innovation, Market Commercialisation, Mid to Enterprise-level Technology Solutions, Performance, Presentation and Media Training, Film Production

Contact Us

We love to make new collaborations with new people. Feel free and drop us an email: info@changineers.com.au

Thank you for coming. Hope you found a little positive, authentic change here.

ps: be kind!